Defining the unknowN

In metamorphosis on October 25, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Try to define the unknown.

Try to define the law of love.

Try to define yourself after all.

Five years ago, I left you not knowing when I will see you once more.

I thought is just another countless crazy thoughts.

Five years now, I felt like I just knew where I was heading to.

But life is fooling me again with their trick or treat in October one day.

After five years, you  sat next to me and we spoke about the law of love and the unknown, yet we felt the same way, I know.

“I’m happy ” I said, but somewhere I knew I was very confused just like in the first day.

Still, you saw me smiling and you said “My feelings were bigger than what I thought”.

Then I said, “Be nice to whomever you would meet one day. Maybe we were just not meant to be one in this life yet.”

What am I afraid of? I asked myself.  you?  myself? or love itself?

After five years, I can’t define you, myself  and love after all.

It is just the “unknown”

Crazy it may sound to those who read this little post, but life is playing Halloween just like in the mind of a teen.

  1. We just need to get to know the unknown things.
    try then, live then, feel then…
    than we would be able to define it!

    • Maybe. What if you already lived it but still don’t know about it?

      • Maybe you didn’t totaly lived it. Not 100%… Live it again, but that time, don’t hold anything back… Forget your doubts, surpass your fears, and feel it, feel it at all. And this feelings, will make you know it and define it for sure!

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